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Olivia Emma aus Sweden, 22. Dezember 2022

Greetings to you all out there. I was scammed by a fake online crypto investor, I got a message from a trader on my Facebook who told me about how high their profit was after investing with them, I decided to invest in the online trade because I wanted to make more profit to set up a business because my job wasn't enough to take care of myself and my family, invested $35,000.00 worth of bitcoin. I was promised that I will be able to withdraw my profit after one week of investment. when it was time for me to withdraw the profit. I tried to make a withdrawal and it failed. I informed the trader about it and he asked me to pay more money as the withdrawal charges. was a bit strange to me. I wasn't informed earlier that I have to pay extra money to be able to withdraw my winning profit. I did as he instructed and made another deposit of $5,000.00, thinking I will be able to finally withdraw my profit. but he kept asking for more money until I realized that I was being scammed. I couldn't let go because I invested all the money that I was saving to set up a new business. I was confused and lost for days because the world was against me. I had to do research to see if there is anything I can do to recover my money back and I came across the comment about MICHAEL CALCE WIZARD after so many searches. I read several good reviews about them from various scam victims and how MICHAEL CALCE WIZARD helped them in recovering their stolen crypto. I decided to contact them for help. I was opportune to get my money back from the scam brokers through the help of MICHAEL CALCE WIZARD, Are you a victim of any kind of scam? MICHAEL CALCE WIZARD is capable of helping you get back whatever you may have lost to internet Scammers. Reach them through email address at: michaelcalcewizard78@gmail.com or WhatsApp Number: +447375542502
Simon Hofmann aus BEST IN CRYPTO RECOVERY, 21. Dezember 2022
I have had a blockchain wallet which I had lost access to since 2015. So I gave Wizard James a try. I sent him an email but honestly, I wasn't hoping for anything. Obviously trust is always a concern when doing something like this. After a series of data gathering and verifications, he started working on my case. He followed up with updates. I have never been happier to leave a review than right now. Not only was he able to recover the wallet that I couldn’t get into from 8 years ago, but he did it so quickly and let me know the moment that he succeeded via email, when he completed the recovery very late in the evening too. I'm so excited to announce today that access to my wallet was restored and I now have my BTC sent to me. Thank you wizardjamesrecovery@usa.com, I will definitely be recommending you to anyone that I know that needs this type of service. You can contact him via WhatsApp +1 (863) 254-2842
Halima Musa, 21. Dezember 2022
Hallo allerseits ... Ich möchte nur schnell sagen, dass ich heute einen Kredit von einer gut registrierten und Greenlight Financial Company erhalten habe, und ich habe heute Morgen ihre E-Mail in einer Fernsehwerbung erhalten und beschlossen, sie zu kontaktieren, und zum Ruhm Gottes habe ich gerade meine bekommen Darlehen jetzt, auch Sie können ein Darlehen aus jedem Land erhalten, kontaktieren Sie sie einfach jetzt unter (fastloan2001@gmail.com).
Groza Maria, 20. Dezember 2022

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JEAN KESSELMAN aus LILE FRANCE, 19. Dezember 2022
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SosCredite Groza, 17. Dezember 2022
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Arab Sawda, 13. Dezember 2022
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